New target date set for hauling off submarine Clamagore to Florida (3/8/2018)  Stay tuned for another chapter in the saga of the Clamagore, the deteriorating submarine at Patriots Point.  “We want to get this done before the hurricane season,” said Joe Weatherby, senior project manager for Artificial Reefs International of Key West

New Wreck Site Coming To Juno Beach, Florida in June 2018 (11/05/2017) As the president of Artificial Reefs International, Joe has had a hand in the sinking of some truly iconic wrecks such as Key West’s USS Vandenberg, so he is no stranger to the incredible benefits that these sites can bring to the ecosystem and divers alike.

Historic submarine to be sunk off Florida to create artificial diving reef (10/16/2017)  The Clamagore is currently located in Charleston, South Carolina and having long been retired is in a bit of disrepair. But the vessel is getting ready to embark on its final mission: being sunken to a depth of 90 feet off the coast of Florida to create an artificial diving reef and marine life habitat

Retailer joins efforts to turn South Carolina submarine into an artificial reef (10/16/2017)  A division of a South Carolina clothing company has joined an effort to turn a World War II submarine on display at Patriots Point into an artificial reef off the Florida coast.

Days Numbered for Clamagore sub at Patriots Point (1/31/2017)  The board of county commissioners in Palm Beach County, Fla., unanimously voted to pay $1 million toward the submarine’s being cleaned, towed and sunk in 90 to 100 feet of water off of Jupiter or Juno beaches. The contract will be voided if Artificial Reefs doesn’t raise the remaining $3 million from private sources within a year.

Another Artificial Reef May Soon Hit Florida Waters (1/21/2017)  County officials unanimously approved $1 million for the project, to be sited 1.5 miles off Juno Beach, just south of Jupiter, at about 75 feet. The county’s commitment represents about a quarter of the estimated $4 million needed overall, says Joe Weatherby of Artificial Reefs International – USS Clamagore.

Palm Beach County OKs $1 million for sinking sub as artificial reef (01/11/2017) The museum signed a deal last spring with Artificial Reefs International-Clamagore, a subsidiary of Miami-based CRB Geological and Environmental Services, to find a home for it somewhere in the ocean. Total cost for the project could be as much as $4 million, but ARI parent CRB-GES has said it plans to raise the balance through sponsorships and other sources.

Florida board votes to accept Patriots Point sub for underwater reef (01/10/2017)  Palm Beach County agreed to pay $1 million for Key West-based Artificial Reefs International to haul the sub on a barge to Florida and attach it to the ocean floor. The money would come from registration fees paid by Florida boat owners. 

Cold War sub would sink off Jupiter, become Florida’s first sub artificial reef (01/04/2017)  Palm Beach County plans to take possession of the USS Clamagore, the “Gray Ghost of the Florida Coast,” and sink it in about 100 feet. The museum decided the sub deserved a better fate than a scrapyard and signed a deal last spring with Artificial Reefs International-Clamagore, a subsidiary of Miami-based CRB Geological and Environmental Services, to find a home for it somewhere in the ocean, ARI principal Joe Weatherby said Tuesday. 

Talk of the Town: Underwater Hurricane Conditions, and Can We Feed Dolphins? (10/21/2016) Joe Weatherby, president of Artificial Reefs International, with offices in Miami and Key West, said, “Our team has been part of sinking two artificial reefs in Florida

The undersea art of Andreas Franke  (7/08/2016)  OK, here’s an idea. Dive 90 feet deep into the Atlantic a few miles off Key West to explore a massive WWII-era shipwreck. And at the same time, take in a fantastic photo exhibit in a uniquely South Florida gallery – the sunken ship itself

Joe Weatherby Sinks Ships And Transforms Them Into Thriving Marine Ecosystems (6/09/2016) Rabble-rouser, peacemaker, folksy charmer and irresistible force of nature, Joe Weatherby has a passion for sinking ships and saving our seas.

Patriots Point takes step closer to sinking Clamagore (5/20/2016)  The Patriots Point Development Authority voted today to give exclusive rights to Artificial Reefs International to find an entity that will convert the USS Clamagore into an artificial reef.

Key West business, Jewish Leaders represent  US in Cuba  (5/14/2016) Jeffrey DeLaurentis meets with Key Westers, Donna and Bob Harvey, and Joe Weatherby at the diplomat’s home in the Cubanacan section of Havana, Cuba.

Salt Life Leads Promotion For Key West Gallery Beneath the Waves (5/6/2016)

Underwater Art Gallery Debuts Off Key West (4/4/2016)   An underwater art exhibition has debuted on the world’s second-largest artificial reef, the 523-foot Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, lying in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary about seven miles south of Key West.

Diving into Art (3/10/2016)  The USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg will once again be transformed into one of the longest under water art galleries, as world-renowned artist Andreas Franke will display 12 pieces of art on the wreck off Key West.

DEMA Show 2015 Showcases Ships 2 Reefs Effort (11/05/15)  Artificial Reefs International is working on developing the future of the SS United States, which if they cannot find a way to keep it afloat, will become an artificial reef to avoid just ending up in a scrap yard.

America’s flagship issues SOS (10/23/15)  Captain Joe Weatherby sinks ships for a living, preserving impressive hulking behemoths like the Vandenberg for use as artificial reefs and underwater classrooms.

The Future of Artificial Reefs by Joe Weatherby (September 2015) Artificial reefs come in many shapes and sizes and can typically be made to fit any environment or any environmental or fishery goals.

Are bad divers spoiling lobster mini-season? (8/15/15)  Bad diver behavior during mini-season is a big issue, said Joe Weatherby, president of Artificial Reefs International

3 Dive Destinations You Have to Try (6/14/15)  A new artificial reef is open for diving business in Vancouver, British Columbia

USS Mohawk assists in manufacturing rum to benefit veterans and the environment (6/02/15)  Lee Reefs and Wicked Dolphin Distillery partner to create a rum that starts 90 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.
     Underwater HD video and still footage of the rum barrel deployment and retrieval, interviews and more can be found by clicking here 

Artificial Reefs:  A Natural Attraction (4/24/15)    In early April, Joe Weatherby advised a local demolition crew using explosive charges to send the decommissioned Canadian Forces naval destroyer, HMCS Annapolis, to the bottom of Horseshoe Bay off Gambier Island near Vancouver

Artificial Reefs International featured on Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet (4/23/15)

Explore the sunken USS Mohawk with these stunning underwater Street View photos

9/11 Memorial flag placed on sunken U.S. ship   (7/4/14)  Scott Belt, his daughter, Jenna, and Morris Judge Lance Peterson – along with 10 other scuba divers – put the U.S. flag on the sunken ship, USNS Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg. Belt also took pictures and videos of the event

Old Glory flies high and dives deep – Vandenberg draped in history  (5/26/14)  Diver Joe Weatherby carried more than the usual gear and gauges as he descended Sunday morning to the artificial reef he helped to sink five years ago

The Vandy Turns Five   The USNS Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a former missile-tracking ship was sunk five years ago on May 27, 2009 to create the second largest artificial reef. It is located about seven miles south of Key West. The ship is 523 feet long and is in about 140 feet of water

Socioeconomic Monitoring Program for the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary – Recreation/Tourism    (4/11/14)  In 2001, NOAA and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) set up a monitoring program for the new artificial reef the USS Vandenberg

Underwater artwork removed from USS Mohawk    (9/9/13)  LEE COUNTY – After being underwater for almost four months, the portraits on display in the sunken USS Mohawk were brought back to dry land

Combat wounded veterans from Special Operations Forces to compete in underwater races (9/20/13)  Special Operations Forces veterans, returning wounded from war is an uphill battle to say the least.  And participating in an underwater race against their fellow wounded soldiers helps teach them a valuable lesson 

Sinking of USS Mohawk: One year anniversary  (7/2/13)  LEE COUNTY – One year ago today, Lee County sent a World War II ship to the bottom of the Gulf

Wreaths Across America  (7/30/12)  Lee County, FL has a new Veteran’s Memorial Artificial Dive Reef located thirty miles offshore from Red Fish Pass.  The ship is a piece of history and she will be a vital part of our eco-system

 USS Mohawk Veterans Memorial Reef   (7/3/12)  The USS Mohawk, a Coast Guard cutter launched in 1934, sunk to its final resting place in the Gulf of Mexico on Monday, where it will grow into a veteran’s memorial reef

Reefs to Relics (February, 2011)

WRECK OF THE VANDENBERG: A DIVER’S MECCA    (6/2/10)  KEY WEST, Florida Keys – As the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg was in final preparations to be scuttled as the southern anchor of the Florida Keys Shipwreck Trail, former crew member Chuck Garrison, who served on the ex-U.S. military missile-tracking ship visited the vessel a last time and remarked, “Wow! This will be one helluva wreck to dive.” 

Vandenberg vets honored Memorial service pays tribute to former sailors   (5/30/09) While a sailor exhaled the unmistakable notes of “Taps” aboard the USS Coast Guard cutter Mohawk Friday morning, two American flags, folded perfectly into military triangles, were presented in honor of two veterans connected to the Gen. Hoyt S. Vandenberg, which now sits in 140 feet of water off Key West.

Warship sunk off Florida to create artificial reef   (5/27/09)  KEY WEST, Florida (CNN) — The USNS General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a retired U.S. Navy warship, embarked on a sedentary new career Wednesday on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico

Massive WWII Ship Sunk Off Key West to Make Artificial Reef  (5/27/09)  A ship last used by the U.S. Air Force to track missiles and spacecraft will soon become the world’s second-largest intentionally sunk artificial reef

20 Best Dives in the USA  “You feel like a spider in the middle of its web,” Eric Schaaf, manager at Dive Key West ( , says of USNS General Hoyt S.Vandenberg’s satellites, whose bases can be navigated by divers