Leadership & stakeholder groups in many communities understand the value of artificial reefs. However, they are often challenged, if not stopped, by the efforts of fund raising.

The principles at ARI have raised more money for artificial reef projects than any other group that we are aware of historically. ARI has raised money from government, quasi-government, private sector, NGO and individuals.

Whether ARI is speaking to a regulator or a fisherman, our team has communication skills and experience to effectively articulate the various benefits of artificial reefs to diverse groups. We are able to describe what’s in it for them and how supporting an artificial reef project will increase tourism, create jobs, and positively impact the environment.

ARI’s work product and successful projects attract local media and tourism groups, allowing the natural flow of knowledge to spread into all sectors. The “cool factor” of what ARI does makes people want to talk about artificial reefing to their communities, constituents, and colleagues. The media attention ARI attracts is free, while other operations incur millions of $$$ in fees.