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ARI creates artificial reefs for economic development and enhancements, adhering to strict regulations.  Our work calls attention to the benefits of artificial reefs through artwork, sporting activities, and much more by creating a product with benefits for each individual client.

The ARI team evaluates and determines a unique solution for our clients’ particular environmental (underwater typography, weather conditions, infrastructure, etc.) and financial challenges.  ARI has continually demonstrated successful fundraising capabilities for more than two decades, which is unlike any other operation we have seen in our experience.

ARI looks at well-established artificial reef processes dating back thousands of years, and looks at it with a new perspective for:

  • Maximizing environmental benefits
  • Boosting economic impact with the use of technology
  • Implementing advanced marketing techniques not used by anyone else

ARI is at the pinnacle of 30 years experience in artificial reefs, diving, fishing, commercial fishing, industry leadership, policy-making and educational process.

Full fathom five thy father lies.
Of his bones are coral made.
Those are pearls that were his eyes.
Nothing of him doth fade
But does suffer a sea change, into something rich and strange.
Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell
Hark…I hear them. Ding…dong…bell. 
William Shakespeare-“The Tempest”